Takaaki Hasegawa

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Discovering the significant relations embedded in documents would be very useful not only for information retrieval but also for question answering and summarization. Prior methods for relation discovery, however, needed large annotated corpora which cost a great deal of time and effort. We propose an unsupervised method for relation discovery from large(More)
In this paper we propose a novel algorithm for opinion summarization that takes account of content and coherence, simultaneously. We consider a summary as a sequence of sentences and directly acquire the optimum sequence from multiple review documents by extracting and ordering the sentences. We achieve this with a novel Integer Linear Programming (ILP)(More)
We propose a novel algorithm for sentiment summarization that takes account of informativeness and readability, simultaneously. Our algorithm generates a summary by selecting and ordering sentences taken from multiple review texts according to two scores that represent the informativeness and readability of the sentence order. The informativeness score is(More)
One of the difficulties in Natural Language Processing is the fact that there are many way to express the same thing or event. These expressions are called “Paraphrases”. Paraphrase is important in applications such as IR, QA and IE, and one of the difficulties in paraphrase research is acquiring the requisite paraphrase knowledge. In this paper, we(More)
This paper describes an automatic content indexing system for news programs, with a special emphasis on its segmentation process. The process can successfully segment an entire news program into topic-centered news stories; the primary tool is a linguistic topic segmentation algorithm. Experiments show that the resulting speech-based segments are fairly(More)
In this paper, we propose a simple unevenness (bump/dent) detection system using a monocular camera to ensure safety of a handle type electric wheelchair and carry out the quantitative evaluation of a proposal system. In particular, the evaluation in two types of unevenness, three types of approach angle (90¿a, 45¿a, 0¿a) against the unevenness and with or(More)
To ensure the safety of the handle type electric wheelchair at the time of day or night, we propose the hazard detection system by using the Kinect sensor for game, and carry out the performance evaluation of the system. In particular, we propose the detection method of the hazard object at the time of day or night, the size determination of the hazard(More)