Takaaki Harada

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Recently, multiple locomotion gaits of snake have been realized by snake robots. However, previous locomotion gaits are mainly limited on two-dimensional plane. In this study, we make a snake robot that can move in three-dimensional space by connecting several units serially. The each unit is composed by assembling one pitch axis and one yaw axis, and it(More)
Takaaki Harada and Rei Kawakami who had many precious opinions enjoyed in creating this paper. Moreover, I say gratitude also to you of the Ikeuchi laboratory who had you cooperate in order to advance research deeply, at this place. Abstract A number of methods have been proposed to separate a color signal into its components: illumination spectral power(More)
The hot-phonon bottleneck effect in lead-halide perovskites (APbX3) prolongs the cooling period of hot charge carriers, an effect that could be used in the next-generation photovoltaics devices. Using ultrafast optical characterization and first-principle calculations, four kinds of lead-halide perovskites (A=FA+/MA+/Cs+, X=I-/Br-) are compared in this(More)
The first total synthesis of gelsemoxonine (1) has been accomplished. Divinylcyclopropane-cycloheptadiene rearrangement of the highly functionalized substrate was successfully applied to assemble the spiro-quaternary carbon center connected to the bicyclic seven-membered core structure. A one-pot isomerization reaction of the α,β-unsaturated aldehyde to the(More)
To model indoor scene realistically is a crucial and challenging problem. Indoor scene has a large number of three-dimensional range data and spatial restrictions in two-dimensional photographing, as well as inevitable specularities in certain parts. In this paper we intend to deal with such a problem. Principally, our method use three-dimensional (3D)(More)
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