Takaaki Harada

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  • Sujoy Ghosh, Andrew Winchester, Baleeswaraiah Muchharla, Milinda Wasala, Simin Feng, Ana Laura Elias +7 others
  • 2015
2-Dimensional structures with swift optical response have several technological advantages, for example they could be used as components of ultrafast light modulators, photo-detectors, and optical switches. Here we report on the fast photo switching behavior of thin films of liquid phase exfoliated MoS2, when excited with a continuous laser of λ = 658 nm (E(More)
To model indoor scene realistically is a crucial and challenging problem. Indoor scene has a large number of three-dimensional range data and spatial restrictions in two-dimensional photographing, as well as inevitable specularities in certain parts. In this paper we intend to deal with such a problem. Principally, our method use three-dimensional (3D)(More)
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