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It is assumed that children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have specificities for self-face recognition, which is known to be a basic cognitive ability for social development. In the present study, we investigated neurological substrates and potentially influential factors for self-face recognition of ASD patients using near-infrared spectroscopy(More)
Five hundred and twenty-eight Japanese elementary school children aged from 6 (Grade 1) to 12 (Grade 6) were tested for their abilities to read Hiragana characters, words, and short sentences. They were typically developing children whom the classroom teachers judged to have no problems with reading and writing in Japanese. Each child was asked to read four(More)
BACKGROUND To reveal the neural substrate of communication difficulties in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), we investigated the P300 component of event-related potentials (ERPs) as represented by the average of electroencephalography findings time-locked to events and behavior. Because the P300 amplitude influences attentional resource(More)
In software development, the waterfall model is commonly used, especially for large-scale software systems. For smaller-scale software development, agile software development approaches such as extreme programming or scrum are used. Traditional software development methodologies are mainly targeted toward customer-centric development, and therefore, new(More)
Some areas in Asian have no medical facilities and proper mental health care is unavailable. Therefore, online counseling systems are needed. We have been studying and putting into practice online counseling for people assigned overseas. We constructed a system using agile software development for those assigned overseas in Asia. The first step involved(More)
Education curricula for children with developmental disabilities have attempted to include information and communication technology (ICT) teaching materials. However, such children demonstrate individual differences at the developmental stage of their cognitive faculties. Thus, it is difficult to adopt commercially available ICT teaching materials when(More)
The current study sought to develop a new behavioral analysis methods to evaluate the effects of social skills training (SST). SST is known to be an effective method to improve the social skills of children with behavioral problems. However, current evaluation methods involve behavioral rating scales that are heavily dependent on evaluators' particular(More)