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While sweat is thought to be one of the important factors provoking exacerbations of clinical symptoms in atopic dermatitis (AD), little attention has been drawn to a beneficial role of sweat in the development of AD lesions. However, if the permeability barrier and antimicrobial barrier dysfunction represents the primary event in the development of AD, an(More)
We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the mental health of community-dwelling elderly people, and encompassed the physiological, psychological, social and environmental aspects of their lives. The study used a questionnaire similar to the one used by Matsubayashi et al in their study in Kahoku-cho. The Japanese version of General Health Questionnaire(More)
Although a marked rise in the prevalence of allergic diseases over the past few decades may be related to environmental factors in industrialized countries, evidence for the protective effect of humidity on the barrier function of the skin is still awaited. We asked whether an increase in the water content of stratum corneum at the site of hapten(More)
Although keratinocyte-derived neuropeptide neuromedin U (NMU) mediates the proinflammatory effects of innate-type mast cell activation, no information is available on the physiological roles. Here, to investigate the effects of NMU on IgE-mediated allergic skin inflammation, we determined whether IgE-mediated inflammation associated with severe scratching(More)
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