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PURPOSE To assess the one-year outcome of a dynamic hip screw (DHS) blade in the treatment of AO/OTA 31-A1 and 31-A2 intertrochanteric hip fractures. METHODS 35 men and 65 women aged 47 to 100 (mean, 83) years underwent fixation with a DHS blade for A1 (n=47) and A2 (n=53) intertrochanteric hip fractures after a low-energy injury. Patients were operated(More)
Dynamic hip screw (DHS) is a well-established conventional implant for treating intertrochanteric fracture. However, revision surgery sometimes still occurs due to the cutting out of implants. A helical blade instead of threaded screw (DHS blade) was designed to improve the fixation power of the osteoporotic intertrochanteric fracture. In this study, the(More)
In osteoporotic hip fractures, fracture collapse is deliberately allowed by commonly used implants to improve dynamic contact and healing. The muscle lever arm is, however, compromised by shortening. We evaluated a cohort of 361 patients with AO/OTA 31.A1 or 31.A2 intertrochanteric fracture treated by the dynamic hip screw (DHS) who had a minimal follow-up(More)
PURPOSE To develop a reference for the distal screw length in volar locking plate fixation for distal radial fractures in an East Asian population. METHODS 12 pairs of forearm specimens from 11 male and one female East Asian cadavers were scanned using computed tomography. On sagittal images of the distal radius, the mean cortex-to-cortex distance of 8(More)
Osteoporotic hip fracture is the most severe kind of fracture with high morbidity and mortality. Patients' ambulation and quality of life are significantly affected by the fracture because only 50% regain their prefracture functional status, even if they undergo surgeries. There are many issues associated with the current preventive methods e.g., cost, side(More)
  • Patel J, Vasan R Van Loveren, +14 authors Agazzi S Hr
  • 2013
 Minimally invasive lateral approach for adult degenerative scoliosis: lessons learned.  Minimally invasive lateral retroperitoneal transpsoas interbody fusion for L4-5 spondylolisthesis: clinical outcomes.  Mini-open lateral retro-pleural thoracic corpectomy for osteomyelitis.  The changing face of acoustic neuroma management in the USA: Analysis of(More)
OBJECTIVE Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) increases fracture risk in men with carcinoma of the prostate, but little is known about the fracture risk for different types of ADT. We studied the fracture risk amongst Chinese patients with carcinoma of the prostate prescribed different ADT regimens. SUBJECTS AND METHODS This was a single-centered(More)
We compared the Austin Moore hemiarthroplasty versus cemented hemiarthroplasties using a propensity score matched cased control study. For a consecutive cohort of 450 patients with displaced intracapsular neck of femur fractures, 128 matched cases in each group were selected based on age, gender, walking status, nursing home residency, delays in surgery,(More)
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