Tak-Chung Fu

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In this paper, a pattern-based stock data mining approach which transforms the numeric stock data to symbolic sequences, carries out sequential and non-sequential association analysis and uses the mined rules in classifying/predicting the further price movements is proposed. Two formulations of the problem are considered. They are intra-stock mining which(More)
Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life with millions of people around the globe using it for a wide range of daily activities such as monitoring stock prices, posting blogs, and browsing online newspapers. Though a vast amount of information can be easily searched and obtained in seconds simply by pressing a click with a fingertip, the(More)
Segmentation is one of the fundamental components in time series data mining. One of the uses of the time series segmentation is trend analysis to segment the time series into primitive trends like uptrend and downtrend. In this paper, a time series segmentation method based on a specialized binary tree representation scheme is proposed; this representation(More)
Most of the existing commercial NIDS products are signature-based but not adaptive. In this paper, an adaptive NIDS using data mining technology is developed. Data mining approaches are used to accurately capture the actual behavior of network traffic, and portfolio mined is useful for differentiating "normal" and "attack" traffics. On the other hand, most(More)