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Folic acid and folates have an important role in prevention of neural tube defect that appears in the first weeks of pregnancy, when women are still not aware of their pregnancy, especially when pregnancy is not planned. Since ensuring sufficient quantities of folates and folic acid in this period is essential, dietary habits of childbearing age women are(More)
Pituitary tumors are rare tumors (less then 10%) of the central nervous system (CNS), which malignicity depends on their localization, meanwhile, their biological nature is benign. The diameter they have is mostly less then 10 mm (microadenomas), but sometimes could be 10 mm (macroadenomas) to 5 cm and more and then are usually nonfunctional (about 20% of(More)
– In this retrospective study, the benefit of growth hormone in replacement therapy was assessed in comparison with standard hormone replacement therapy in patients with panhypopituitarism. The study included ten female patients aged 29-44 (mean age 37.6±8.6) years, who had undergone adenectomy for pituitary tumor and Cushing’s disease. After adenectomy,(More)
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