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In this paper, we propose replication methods to perform effective document sharing on a peer-to-peer(P2P) system where peers frequently join and leave the system. The proposed method uses the relevancy and usefulness of peers to determine how many replications should be made, and where to locate these replications. This paper shows empirically that the(More)
We often need to measure similarity between objective information when integrating information. We propose an algorithm in this paper for the Bayesian estimation of the parameters of a statistical string similarity model. To do this we need a smoothing technique for the parameter estimation, because a string similarity model usually contains many(More)
Not only for further understanding of subjects but also for learning analytical thinking or inductive inference, it is important to provide a highly engageable environment where pupils can interact with high quality cultural contents easily. The authors have been developed an interactive exploring tool called CEAX Voyager. One of the important issues to(More)
This paper proposes methods of visualizing the personal promotion records of Japanese government officials in medieval times.Our research is aimed at developing multiple visualization tools that facilitate discovery of exceptional promotions as a way of highlighting interesting or important factors behind historical events, or that enable comparison of(More)
Recently the contents for culture heritage objects have been digitalized and are distributed on the Internet, the amount is increased. To use the contents for the educational purpose, one of important element is a search method for the contents. Since the descriptions of the metadata or the annotations may be hard for pupil, they may be unthinkable keywords(More)
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