Taizo Suzuki

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A discrete cosine transform (DCT) can be easily implemented in software and hardware for the JPEG and MPEG formats. However, even though some integer DCTs (IntDCTs) for lossless-to-lossy image coding have been proposed, such transform requires redesigned devices. This paper proposes a hardware-friendly IntDCT that can be applied to both lossless and lossy(More)
Generalized block-lifting factorization of M-channel (M > 2) biorthogonal filter banks (BOFBs) for lossy-to-lossless image coding is presented in this paper. Since the proposed block-lifting structure is more general than the conventional lifting factorizations and does NOT require many restrictions such as paraunitary, number of channels, and(More)
Several lifting-based filter banks (LBFBs) are proposed for lossless-to-lossy image coding. However, the conventional methods can not achieve good coding performance due to many rounding operations, and they may have wide dynamic range of lifting coefficients due to inverse matrix. This paper presents a more practical lifting fac-torization of M-channel(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we propose a two dimensional (2D) non-separable adaptive directional lifting (ADL) structure for discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and its image coding application. Although a 2D non-separable lifting structure of 9/7 DWT has been proposed by interchanging some lifting, we generalize a polyphase representation of 2D non-separable(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents an integer discrete cosine transform (IntDCT) with only dyadic values such as k/2 n (k, n ∈ N). Although some conventional IntDCTs have been proposed, they are not suitable for lossless-to-lossy image coding in low-bit-word-length (coefficients) due to the degradation of the frequency decomposition performance in the system.(More)
Some adaptive image interpolation methods have been proposed to create higher visual quality images than traditional interpolation methods such as bicubic interpolation. These methods, however, often suffer from high computational costs and unnatural texture interpolation. This paper proposes a novel edge-adaptive image interpolation method using an(More)
—This paper proposes a directional and shift-invariant transform based on M-channel rational-valued cosine-sine modulated filter banks (R-CSMFBs) for the practical implementation on hardware devices. M-channel CSMFBs can be easily designed by the modulation of a prototype filter and achieve a good stopband attenuation. In addition, in our previous work, the(More)
Integer lapped orthogonal transforms (LOTs) are vital technologies for the unification of lossless and lossy image coding, called lossless-to-lossy image coding. In this paper, we present an efficient realization of integer fast LOT (FLOT) based on direct-lifting of discrete cosine transforms (DCTs) which are type-II, III and IV. Although the conventional(More)
—This paper aims to design a new two-dimensional (2D) non-separable implementation of dyadic-valued cosine-sine modulated filter banks (2D D-CSMFBs) for low computational complexity. CSMFBs satisfy rich directional selectivity (DS) and shift-invariance (SI), and they can be easily designed by the modulation of a prototype filter. In addition, our previous(More)