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EDC system has been used in the field of clinical research. The current EDC system does not connect with electronic medical record system (EMR), thus a medical staff has to transcribe the data in EMR to EDC system manually. This redundant process causes not only inefficiency but also human error. We developed an EDC system cooperating with EMR, in which the(More)
We compared the expected medical costs of empirical and preemptive treatment strategies for invasive fungal infection in neutropenic patients with hematological diseases. Based on the results of two clinical trials with different backgrounds reported by Oshima et al. [J Antimicrob Chemother 60(2):350–355; Oshima study] and Cordonnier et al. [Clin Infect Dis(More)
In clinical trials, investigating the ratio of patients with each disease who are treated in a hospital is important for determining the number of patients who are allocated to hospitals. The Japanese health insurance claims data includes standardized disease and medicine data. However, the disease data has some problems in terms of reliability, because the(More)
There is a great need to reuse data stored in electronic medical records (EMR) databases for clinical research. We previously reported the development of a system in which progress notes and case report forms (CRFs) were simultaneously recorded using a template in the EMR in order to exclude redundant data entry. To make the data collection process more(More)
Recently one patient received care from several hospitals at around the same time. When the patient visited a new hospital, the new hospital's physician tried to get patient information the previous hospital. Thus, patient information is frequently exchanged between them. Many types of healthcare facilities have implemented an electronic medical record(More)
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