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This paper presents a high-speed procedure of intra prediction mode decision in H.264/AVC using DCT coefficients. Intra prediction mode is one of the techniques that are newly introduced in H.264/AVC. This technique can enhance compression efficiency in an intra frame, however a large computational cost is often needed for the prediction. Recalling that DCT(More)
Even if an appropriate prediction expression and/or model is constructed to fit a time series, the model gradually begins to fail the prediction of the time series from some time point. In such a case, it is important not only to detect the failing situation quickly, but also to renew the prediction model as soon as possible after the detection. We(More)
An integrated remote monitoring system for all day outdoor and indoor observation using wireless and/or wired communication is proposed. It consists of three parts: a base station that is PC, remote station (camera and CPU), and wireless sensor with ID signal. The wireless and/or wired remote station can begin to work based on an event driven method by the(More)
In this paper we present the combination of two well known techniques like video synthesis and flocking behavior to introduce a new form of video animation, real-video based animation. This system can be used in the elaboration of games and special effects for movies. We have developed a system that makes possible to manipulate objects in the frames of a(More)
This paper proposes a mathematical framework that visualizes understanding process of rhetoric that is used for musical interpretation. This rhetoric play a role in loosely constrain-ting the implicit notion and leads a way for the interpretation. We firstly state the semantic structure of the rhetoric representations' handling process. Based on it, we(More)
We added distributed processing functions to KLIC and developed \Handy Distributed KLIC System" called HAYDN. It is useful for the research on distributed AI. HAYDN allows multiple KLIC programs to be executed rather independently on multiple UNIX WSs to solve problems cooperatively. We realized communication among processors using sockets. We adopted(More)
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