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This paper presents a multi-phase sub-harmonic injection locking technique to significantly extend the locking range of a multi-phase injection locking oscillator (ILO). Leveraging this technique, a scalable and cascadable “active frequency multiplier” chain architecture is proposed, which achieves THz signal generation from a low mm-wave(More)
This paper presents the design scheme of an ultra-broadband compact mm-wave Butler Matrix. The design employs new transformer-based swapped-port couplers and lumped LC-based π-network phase shifters to achieve an extremely compact chip size and ultra-broad bandwidth. This scheme is implemented as a 4×4 Butler Matrix in a standard 65nm CMOS(More)
In this paper, we present a fully integrated multi-modality CMOS cellular sensor array with four sensing modalities to characterize different cell physiological responses, including extracellular voltage recording, cellular impedance mapping, optical detection with shadow imaging and bioluminescence sensing, and thermal monitoring. The sensor array consists(More)
Two compact, low-power, SiGe W-band LNAs are demonstrated, one single-ended (SE), and one differential (Diff) with an integrated input transformer balun. The LNAs are implemented in an advanced 90-nm SiGe BiCMOS technology, with f<sub>T</sub>/f<sub>max</sub> of 300/350 GHz. The noise figure (NF) of the SE and Diff LNAs are measured to be 4.2 dB and 6.3 dB,(More)
This paper presents a D-band frequency quadrupler from 124GHz to 158GHz. The design leverages a folded-transformer based passive network to generate high-quality and broadband differential quadrature driving signals with low loss for the input tone centered at 35GHz. Then, the four-phase signals drive the 1<sup>st</sup>-stage frequency doublers to yield(More)
This paper presents an all-passive negative feedback network to perform autonomous RF front-end beam-forming towards the direction of the incident RF beam. The beam-forming front-end block consists of a passive network for RF signal processing, voltage rectifiers, and voltage-controlled phase shifters, all of which are passive components and consume zero DC(More)