Taixiang Liu

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In this work we reported a novel graphite doped conductive magnetorheological plastomer (GMRP) with magnetic field dependent electro-conductivity. The conductivity of the GMRPs increased by increasing the content of the graphite particles, while it decreased with the graphite size. When the graphite content reached 15 wt%, the conductivity of GMRPs is(More)
The magneto-induced stress and relative microstructure in a colloidal suspension of paramagnetic and superparamagnetic particles dispersed in a ferrofluid medium is studied using particle-level dynamics simulation. It shows that the stress perpendicular to the direction of an external uniaxial magnetic field can be strongly enhanced by increasing the ratio(More)
A simple and convenient means of fabricating concave microlens arrays direct on silica glass by using the local fictive temperature modification of fused silica is presented. This method is based on the fact that an increased fictive temperature results in a much higher HF acid etching rate of fused silica. Combining the abrupt local fictive temperature(More)
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