Taiwo G A Ijaduola

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This study reviews the current understanding of the pattern of breast cancer among whites, African Americans, and West Africans who have never immigrated to the US to find better ways of improving the prevention, early detection, and care of breast cancer world-wide. In the United States, the behavior pattern of breast cancer in African-American women(More)
BACKGROUND It is recognized that the size of tympanic membrane perforation is proportional to the magnitude of hearing loss, however, there is no clear consensus on the effect of the location (site) of the perforation on the hearing loss. Hence the study is set to investigate the relationship between the location of perforation on TM and hearing loss. (More)
OBJECTIVE The aim is to find out the place of clinical skill in the management of foreign bodies in the ear of children by various healthcare givers. METHOD Case files of children with foreign bodies in the ears seen in the Otorhinolaryngology Department of University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria from 1996 to 2005 were reviewed for all essential(More)
Frontal sinus surgery for chronic disease presents a variety of problems, in particular that of drainage. No matter how successful the surgical technique is in clearing disease from the sinus, it is still important that the fronto-nasal duct is kept patent unless the procedure is an obliterative one. Usually a tube is inserted for drainage and has to be(More)
A study of 15 Nigerian children with parotid fistulae was carried out. The causes of the fistulae were found to be infection in nine children (60%), trauma in five (33.3%) and carcinoma in one (6.7%). The commonest infection was tuberculosis, with the primary site in the palatine tonsil and with associated tonsillar gland enlargement. In these cases there(More)
A study of cases of retropharyngeal abscess in Nigerian children was carried out. It occurred most commonly in children under the age of 6 months and in more male children than female in a ratio of 5:3.Most children seen at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital were brought in late with the upper airway already obstructed. A diagnostic tool of soft-tissue(More)
In view of the various technical and electricity maintainance problems with endoscopes in any developing country, a new suspension device for laryngeal endoscopy with a straight-bladed anaesthetic laryngoscope has been described. The advantages of this system are its small size, cheap cost, lack of a chest piece and the use of a non-failing battery source.(More)
A study of 112 referred children with acute otalgia labeled 'acute otitis media' by the referring physicians was carried out at the E.N.T. clinic of Lagos University Teaching Hospital in 1981-1982. Only 11% of these were actually due to acute otitis media, reflecting poor technique at otoscopy. Of the acute otalgia cases 56% were due to ear pathology while(More)
A Transcannular Tru-Cut needle maxillary antral biopsy technique, which has been devised as an out-patient procedure to speed up histological diagnosis in antral disease, is here described. A trial carried out with this technique shows that the histological diagnosis reached from such biopsy specimens compares favourably with that reached from specimens(More)
Variances in religious practices and beliefs require health care providers to find alternative ways of meeting medical standards of care in cases where religious beliefs preclude the use of blood transfusions or blood products. We report a case of head and neck tumor with low hemoglobin in which we utilized temporary arterial ligation to aid in minimal(More)