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One important factor in fabricating protein microarray is to immobilize proteins without losing their activity on a solid phase. To keep them functional, it is necessary to immobilize proteins in a way that preserve their folded structural integrity. In a previous study, we developed novel Calixarene derivatives for the immobilization of proteins on the(More)
We introduce the phenomenon of molecular recognition to immobilize oligonucleotides on AMCA slides for the production of 9G DNAChips. Facile and efficient method for the immobilization of the oligonucleotides appended with consecutive nine guanine bases is described. The 9G DNAChips shows more than 90% hybridization efficiency at 25 °C in 30 min.
According to the proposed DAGON method, the CRP and PSA antigens with the concentrations of 1 pg ml(-1) to 10 pg ml(-1) range can be easily differentiated in the buffer matrix. Moreover, it is for the first time that the multiple antigens with the concentrations of 1 pg ml(-1) and 0.1 pg ml(-1) can be detected in the mixture of the proteins without an(More)
A 9G DNAChip obtained by allowing the formation of a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of oligonucleotides appended with nine consecutive guanines on the chip surface has been applied in the detection of biomarkers. Using a 9G DNAChip, biomarker in the concentration range of 4 pg/mL to 40 fg/mL can be easily differentiated in the buffer matrix. Moreover, it is(More)
The highly programmable positioning of molecules (biomolecules, nanoparticles, nanobeads, nanocomposites materials) on surfaces has potential applications in the fields of biosensors, biomolecular electronics, and nanodevices. However, the conventional techniques including self-assembled monolayers fail to position the molecules on the nanometer scale to(More)
The results of the genital human papillomavirus (HPV) detection in 439 cervical samples by cervical cytology were compared with sequencing analysis and a newly developed HPV genotyping 9G membrane test. The excellent sensitivity and specificity of the HPV genotyping 9G membrane test was assured by a signal to noise ratio of more than 300 and a target(More)
In 2013 alone, the death rate among the 9.0 million people infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) worldwide was around 14%, which is unacceptably high. An empiric treatment of patients infected with TB or drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) strain can also result in the spread of MDR-TB. The diagnostic tools which are rapid, reliable,(More)
The results of HPV detection in 550 cervical samples by cervical cytology were compared with the sequencing analysis and HPV genotyping 9G membrane test. The HPV genotyping 9G membrane test can efficiently identify and discriminate five HR-HPV genotypes. The 100% identical results of HPV genotyping 9G membrane tests with the sequencing results in 550(More)
The controller DNA technology allows the detection of multiple mutations in a single codon of genomic DNA. In this technology, the controller DNA is used to control the hybridization of target DNAs with the immobilized DNAs. The controller DNA technology is rapid, specific, and cost-effective for the following reasons, (i) final results in 40 min after PCR,(More)
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