Taisuke Yamamoto

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BACKGROUND Airline flight personnel work in a unique environment with exposure to known or suspected carcinogens and mutagens including ionizing cosmic radiation. A meta-analysis was conducted to study whether the occupational exposure of female flight attendants (FA) increased their relative risk of cancer incidence. METHODS A bibliographical computer(More)
This study evaluates the mental health of Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) members of the peacekeeping contingent in the Golan Heights before and since the Second Gulf War between 1998 and 2003. Before the war, the General Health Questionnaire 30 (GHQ30) scores during and after duty tended to be lower than those before duty; all scores were lower than those(More)
A motion controller which has an acceleration sensor increases reality and intuitiveness in sports games. But we adjust not only visible posture but also invisible force like stiffness and viscosity when we play sports. We propose a game controller using player's movement and force by using acceleration and electromyogram(EMG). In this research, we compared(More)
Thirty-one pupils at elementary schools (ages between six years and nine month and 12 years and two months) and seven adults were tasted using the method developed by Yamamoto and Tatsuno (1984) to investigate the development of spatial ability in the early blind. The subjects walked, with the guidance of the experimenter, on a path which had 45, 90, or 135(More)
Compared to the well-known anti-ulcerogenic properties of tricyclic antidepressants, the impact of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) on gastric mucosa is less clear. Human clinical trials have shown that SSRIs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) act synergistically and promote stomach ulcer formation and upper gastrointestinal(More)
Objective: To investigate the changing characteristics of mental stress level of the novice parachutists preparing for skydiving by using heart rate variability.Methods: Twenty novice parachutists jumped for seven times altogether during military parachuting training. Electrocardiogram was collected with pilot physiological parameters recorder throughout(More)
The effect of counterion species on the colloidal crystal structure in a dispersion was carefully investigated as a function of the degree of neutralization (alpha) by the ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering technique. The nearest neighbor interparticle distance (2D(exp)) first increased with decreasing alpha, and then decreased after passing through the(More)
To collect longitudinal data on the development of the spatial problem solving ability in the early blinds, 27 children of schools for the blind (8: 11 to 14: 11 years old), who participated in the Yamamoto's (1990) experiment two years ago, were re-tested using the same method as before. Five blind children (6: 3 to 7: 10 years) were also newly added.(More)
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is for resolving traffic accidents and congestion by using information and communications technology. It is important to ensure the reliability of data in ITS. Public key encryption and digital signature are used for data security. Certification authority (CA) issues a certificate for a public key and manages a certificate(More)