Taisuke Onishi

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This study investigated the influence of mound-building termites on soil particle dynamics on the land surface and in soil-forming processes by examining the amount of soil particles in mound structures of Macrotermes bellicosus in a highly weathered Ultisol of tropical savanna. Soil particle turnover via the mounds was estimated using particle stock data(More)
The second survey of the molecular clouds in 12 CO (J = 1–0) was carried out in the Large Magellanic Cloud by NANTEN. The sensitivity of this survey is twice as high as that of the previous NANTEN survey, leading to a detection of molecular clouds with M CO 2 × 10 4 M ⊙. We identified 272 molecular clouds, 230 of which are detected at three or more observed(More)
The 'Carina Flare' supershell, GSH 287+04-17, is a molecular supershell originally discovered in 12 CO(J=1-0) with the NANTEN 4m telescope. We present the first study of the shell's atomic ISM, using Hi 21 cm line data from the Parkes 64m telescope Southern Galactic Plane Survey. The data reveal a gently expanding, ∼ 230 × 360 pc Hi supershell that shows(More)
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