Taisuke Nose

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The characteristics and the effects of oxygen on the decomposition of sodium acetate have been investigated by pulsed discharge in water droplet spray in O<sub>2</sub> and N<sub>2</sub> used as carrier gases in the reactor. Two experimental conditions of gas mixing ratios of O<sub>2</sub>/N<sub>2</sub> = 10/90 and O<sub>2</sub>/N<sub>2</sub> = 50/50 were(More)
In this paper, some characteristics of a method for decomposing organic compounds by spraying a water solution of organic compounds as droplets into pulsed streamer discharges in air are presented. For the characteristics, the effect of spraying the water droplets compared with water film flowing in a chamber wall, and locations of water droplets into the(More)
We have studied the water treatment method of spraying the droplets of waste water into a pulse discharge space. In this method, we have been developing the pulse generator which realizes higher treatment efficiency. For that, the investigation of an optimum applied voltage from the pulse generator for the treatment is needed. In this paper, investigation(More)
The pulsed power is one of technologies to solve the problem of water pollution. Since the pulsed streamer discharge can generate not only ozone but also OH radical, ultraviolet rays and shockwaves, it is expected to have high efficiency for the treatment and decompose the pollutants that cannot be easily decomposed by even ozone oxidation. Therefore, we(More)
The effect of iron addition in the treated solution on the decomposition of indigo carmine is reported. The effect of iron addition was evaluated for various Fe<sup>2+</sup> concentrations ranging from 0 to 118 &#x03BC;mol/L (&#x03BC;M). The decolorization rate and efficiency with Fe<sup>2+</sup> addition were higher than those without Fe<sup>2+</sup> and(More)
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