Taisuke Morita

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The present study described development of a Japanese version of the Emotional Skills and Competence Questionnaire and examined the relations of scores with those on Big Five scales of personality and self-esteem scales. The participants were 615 undergraduates. Factor analysis led to the shortened version of 24 items in three subscales. Although Cronbach(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine determinants of time-monitoring to clarify the cognitive process in prospective memory tasks (i.e., tasks which require the timely execution of a previously intended action). Thirty-two participants were asked to perform future activities three minutes after the start of background tasks, and their time-monitoring(More)
This study investigated how the availability of external memory aids affects the cognitive processes in prospective memory tasks. Forty-eight subjects were instructed to memorize to-be-executed scripts and to-be-recalled scripts, and then perform the former scripts three minutes after the start of a recognition test. Before the recognition test, subjects in(More)
This study developed a valid and reliable questionnaire measuring individual differences in reality-monitoring error experiences in everyday life. A 50-item preliminary questionnaire was constructed on the basis of the findings from a pilot diary study. In study 1, we administered the questionnaire to 316 undergraduates, along with a dissociative experience(More)
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