Taisuke Kimura

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Post-translational histone modifications play key roles in gene regulation, development, and differentiation, but their dynamics in living organisms remain almost completely unknown. To address this problem, we developed a genetically encoded system for tracking histone modifications by generating fluorescent modification-specific intracellular antibodies(More)
Proper nouns in metadata are representative features for linking the identical records across data sources in different languages. In order to improve the accuracy of proper noun recognition, we propose a back-transliteration method, in which transliterated words in target language are back-transliterated to their original words in source language. The(More)
Aiming to link the records that refer to the same entity across multiple databases in different languages, we address the mismatches of wordings between literal translations of metadata in source language and metadata in target language, which cannot be calculated by string-based measures. In this paper, we propose a method based on word embedding, which(More)
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