Taisuke Kazama

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Recent sea-surface temperature warming may allow poleward range expansions of warm-water coral species into temperate areas. In Japan, Acropora solitaryensis Veron and Wallace, 1984 showed a poleward range expansion to Tateyama, on the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula (34°59¢N and 139°47¢E), based on the historical occurrence records and recent surveys(More)
Collective behavior of active elements inspired by mass of biological organisms is addressed. Especially , two topics are focused on among amazing behaviors performed by colony of ants. First, task allocation phenomena are treated from the viewpoint of proportion regulation of population between different states. Using a dynamical model consisting of(More)
As the growing demand of mixed-signal designs as A/D, D/A and PLL integrated with large scale digital circuits, substrate noise becomes serious concern. On the other hand, the remedies using guard ring and decoupling capacitor do not have enough efficiency against high frequency noise due to their parasitic component. To suppress the impact of substrate(More)
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