Taishi Asano

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Refractive-index changes can be induced by filamentation of 800-nm, 1-kHz femtosecond laser pulses in silica glass. Two-dimensional translation of a 40-microm-long filament leads to the formation of a curved waveguide because of bending by the previously induced refractive-index change. The fabrication of 2-mm directional couplers to split the coupled beam(More)
Simple conical microlenses are fabricated on the end of a vapor-axial-deposition single-mode fiber to increase the coupling efficiency between the laser diode and the single-mode fiber. The lowest coupling loss, 3 dB, has been achieved by using a 1.3-microm InGaAsP buried-heterostructure laser diode and a single-mode fiber. Experimental results on coupling(More)
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