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A field experiment was carried out over 2 years to investigate the effect of partial root-zone irrigation applied using drip irrigation on the water use and yield of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) in oasis fields of arid north-west China. Two irrigation treatments, i.e., conventional drip irrigation (CDI, both sides of plant row watered) or alternate drip(More)
The dual-source Shuttleworth-Wallace model has been widely used to estimate and partition crop evapotranspiration (λET). Canopy stomatal conductance (Gsc), an essential parameter of the model, is often calculated by scaling up leaf stomatal conductance, considering the canopy as one single leaf in a so-called "big-leaf" model. However, Gsc can be(More)
More than 70% of fresh water is used in agriculture in many parts of the world, but competition for domestic and industrial water use is intense. For future global food security, water use in agriculture must become sustainable. Agricultural water-use efficiency and water productivity can be improved at different points from the stomatal to the regional(More)
Saline irrigation decreased the evapotranspiration (ET) of Haloxylon Ammodendron Bunge (H. Ammodendron) and Caragana Karshiskii Kom (C. Karshiskii) via reducing transpiration water, and it also changed the proportion of transpiration in ET: the proportion of evaporation from soil surface increased, and the proportion of transpiration in ET decreased when(More)
In this paper, a field experiment was conducted in the oasis region of Hexi Corridor, Gansu Province to study the effects of alternate partial root zone furrow irrigation (AFI) and conventional furrow irrigation (CFI) on grape growth and water use under mulching and no mulching. The results indicated that AFI, either mulching or no mulching, could(More)
Quantifying the influence of driving factors on irrigation water productivity (IWP) is vital for efficient agricultural water use. This study analyzed contributions of agronomic practice and climatic factors to the changes of IWP, based on the data from 1981 to 2012 in Hexi Corridor, Northwest China. Cobb-Douglas production functions were developed by the(More)
Intelligent Control System of Crop Partial root-zone Alternative Irrigation includes Signal acquisition module, it is used for real-time collecting soil moisture information lying in different root-zone; Control module uses the lateral root zone moisture difference alternate threshold, maximum of soil moisture, minimum of soil moisture and measured soil(More)
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