Taiseki Kanemitsu

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We carried out a retrospective evaluation of thymidylate synthase (TS) expression in tumor tissue, and its relation to outcome and response to treatment. The treatment consisted of chemotherapy with tegafur and uracil (UFT). The study group comprised 245 patients with curatively resected Dukes' stage B or C colorectal cancer who were postoperatively(More)
From 1962 to 1983, nine patients with minimal carcinoma of the thyroid were referred to Aichi Cancer Center Hospital and to Aichi Medical University Hospital for evaluation of enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. The radiographic study and scintigraphy of the thyroid were useful in detection of small thyroid lesions. In two cases, a lymph node biopsy was(More)
A 72-year-old Japanese woman with pheochromocytoma, who had had no characteristic symptoms was treated. A large retroperitoneal tumor was discovered incidentally by sonographic examination for mild upper abdominal pain and, with CT-scan and abdominal angiography confirmed that the tumor originated in the right adrenal gland. The tumor was suspected of being(More)
From 1975 through 1985, nine patients with a local recurrent lesion (LRL) of breast cancer to the skin flap of the chest wall were treated. Four had undergone primary mastectomies in our clinic and the other five were referred from other surgeons, following signs of recurrence. Aggressive topical therapy, such as resection or irradiation, proved effective(More)
In the decade from 1981 to 1990, 30 patients underwent a posterior transsacral approach at the Aichi Medical University Hospital for their benign or malignant rectal lesions. The operation was classified into two procedures, consisting of the transsphincteric approach and transsacral approach, in order to cope with the condition of the anal sphincter(More)
A rare case of clear cell carcinoma of the thyroid is presented herein. A 31-year-old male had a large soft tumor in the right lobe of the thyroid which showed a hot nodule on scintigram with99mTc. A right hemithyroidectomy was thus performed after the preoperative diagnosis of a functioning tumor had been made. At surgery, a tiny nodule behind the tumor(More)
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