Taina Kivilompolo

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The effect of 2-month usage of saliva-stimulating pastils containing either erythritol or xylitol was studied in a cohort of 30 subjects assigned to the respective polyol groups (n = 15). The daily consumption level of both polyols was 5.2 g, used in 5 daily chewing episodes. The mean weight of total plaque mass (collectable during a standard period of 3(More)
The effect of chewable saliva-stimulants on Streptococcus mutans levels in dental plaque and paraffin-stimulated whole saliva among participants who were mentally disabled was investigated. Over 64-days, 98 participants chewed one of four saliva-stimulating tablets five times/day. The tablets contained one of the following: xylitol (X) or sorbitol (S), or(More)
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