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The recent emergence of dengue viruses into new susceptible human populations throughout Asia and the Middle East, driven in part by human travel on both local and global scales, represents a significant global health risk, particularly in areas with changing climatic suitability for the mosquito vector. In Pakistan, dengue has been endemic for decades in(More)
A B S T R A C T Climate change is likely to drive migration from environmentally stressed areas. However quantifying short and long-term movements across large areas is challenging due to difficulties in the collection of highly spatially and temporally resolved human mobility data. In this study we use two datasets of individual mobility trajectories from(More)
Les arbres de décision sont largement utilisés pour générer des classi-ficateurs à partir d'un ensemble de données. Le processus de construction est une partitionnement récursif de l'ensemble d'apprentissage. Dans ce contexte, les at-tributs continus son discrétisés. Il s'agit alors, pour chaque variable à discrétiser de trouver l'ensemble des points de(More)
—Many supervised induction algorithms require discrete data, even while real data often comes in a discrete and continuous formats. Quality discretization of continuous attributes is an important problem that has effects on speed, accuracy and understandability of the induction models. Usually, discretization and other types of statistical processes are(More)
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