Tailen Hsing

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Gene-expression-based classifiers suffer from the small number of microarrays usually available for classifier design. Hence, one is confronted with the dual problem of designing a classifier and estimating its error with only a small sample. Permutation testing has been recommended to assess the dependency of a designed classifier on the specific data set.(More)
Measuring the strength of dependence between two sets of random variables lies at the heart of many statistical problems, in particular, feature selection for pattern recognition. We believe that there are some basic desirable criteria for a measure of dependence not satisfied by many commonly employed measures, such as the correlation coefficient, Briefly(More)
A weighted U-statistic based on a random sample X 1 ,. .. , X n has the form U n = 1≤i,j≤n w i−j K(X i , X j) where K is fixed symmetric measurable function and the w i are symmetric weights. A large class of statistics can be expressed as weighted U-statistics or variations thereof. This paper establishes the asymptotic normality of U n when the sample(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First of all, I am indebted to my thesis advisor Professor Stilian A. Stoev for his help and support since 2008. He has been a great mentor for me in my research career. At the same time, he has also provided me many helps and advice in daily life. This dissertation would not have been possible without him. In particular, the first part of(More)
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