Tailei Zhang

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The coexistence and global stability of population models are of the interesting subjects in mathematical biology. Many authors have argued that the discrete time models are governed by differential equations which are more appropriate than the continuous ones to describe the dynamics of population when the population has nonoverlapping generations, a lot(More)
A delayed SEIRS epidemic model with pulse vaccination and saturation incidence rate is investigated. Using Krasnoselskii's fixed-point theorem, we obtain the existence of infection-free periodic solution of the impulsive delayed epidemic system. We define some new threshold values R(1), R(2) and R(3). Further, using the comparison theorem, we obtain the(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyze an SIRVS epidemic model in which pulse vaccination strategy (PVS) is included. We are interested in finding the basic reproductive number of the model which determine whether or not the disease dies out. The global attractivity of the disease-free periodic solution (DFPS for short) is obtained when the basic reproductive(More)