Taikou Ikeda

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Face marks figures of faces which consist of characters such as (¿¿), and are effective for expressing emotions in a text-dialogue system. We usually determine face marks from history of emotional elements and actional elements. We propose a method of learning face marks for a natural language dialogue system from chat dialogue data in the Internet, etc. We(More)
Rectangular dissections are commonly used for tabular forms such as spreadsheets, raster data in computer graphics, and so forth and we need processing for cells of data represented by rectangular dissections. In this paper, we deal with data structures and algorithms for rectangular dissections or raster data with heterogeneous parts. In particular, we(More)
The first 3 V video LSI has been successfully developed using bipolar technology. This new LSI has contributed to a 3 V camcorder system, it's low power consumption less than 4 W, dry-battery operation, and improvement of performance. Further work to lower power and cost using another fine bipolar process is in progress for use with next generation(More)
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