Taiki Shibata

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In this report, we investigated the combined effect of drug liposomalization and addition of glycerol on the transdermal delivery of isosorbide 5-nitrate (ISN) in rat abdominal skin in vitro. Occlusive application of both liposomal and aqueous ISN solution, with and without addition of 5% glycerol, showed that drug liposomalization and addition of glycerol(More)
In order to investigate the effect of liposomal drugs on skin delivery, it was postulated that the process of liposomalization might lead the drug to an overpredicted solubility state which has far-reaching implications for drug skin permeation and accumulation. In this regard, conventional (CL) and flexible liposomes (FL) were prepared by the lipid film(More)
A novel electrochemical biosensor for gene mutation detection was developed using a DNA mismatch recognizing protein MutS from E. coli. The MutS protein was immobilized onto an Au electrode by coordination of His-tag at its C-terminus to vacant sites of Ni(II)-nitrilotriacetato complex attached to the surface of electrode. When a target DNA duplex having a(More)
A novel electrochemical biosensor was developed to detect gene mutation by using a DNA-mismatch binding protein: MutS from Escherichia coli. The MutS protein was immobilized onto an Au-electrode surface via complex formation between a histidine tag of the MutS protein and a thiol-modified nitrilotriacetic acid chemically adsorbed on the Au-electrode(More)
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