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Reversible Generation of Labile Secondary Carbocations from Alcohols in the Nanospace of H-Mordenite and Their Long-Lasting Preservation at Ambient Temperature.
Novel insights into specific acid catalysis in zeolites densely populated with acid sites on the inner surface of micropores are described herein, confirming that the generation of 2 from 1 was controlled by thermodynamic equilibrium rather than kinetic regulations.
Rapid Additions of Bulky tert‐Butyldimethylsilyl Cyanide to Hindered Ketones Promoted by Heterogeneous Tin Ion‐Exchanged Montmorillonite Catalyst.
The catalyst is efficient for the cyanosilylation of even sterically congested ketones and some aldehydes (VI) with reagent (II).
Multifunctional parallel gripper with three actuators
The proposed gripper can switch between large and small fingers via lengthening and shortening actions, which improves its ability to pick up objects with various sizes and weights as well as in narrow workspaces, and performs three-face grasping, thereby improving the robustness of grasping.