Taijiro Matsui

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In this paper, we propose new optical cross-connect switches using ultrasonic micro motors, whose features are self-hold, precise control, and low electric power consumption. Two methods are examined for optical beam deflection. One method is moving the lens and the other is rotating the mirror by using ultrasonic micro motors. The light from the optical(More)
If high energy heavy ion collisions lead to the formation of a hot quark-gluon plasma, then colour screening prevents ce binding in the deconfined interior of the interaction region. To study this effect, the temperature dependence of the screening radius, as obtained from lattice QCD, is compared with the J/~' radius calculated in charmonium models. The(More)
Phase relations for the Al2O3-CaO-SrO ternary oxide system were clarified. This ternary system has a high liquidus temperature in most compositions and contained many types of solid solutions with a wide composition range. Hence, it was difficult to predict the precise phase diagrams by using conventional techniques such as chemical equilibration method. In(More)
Introduction: A great number of Creta-ceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary proximal deposits were reported from the shallow and deep-sea environments around the Gulf of Mexico [e. g., 1]. Because large tsunamis are one of the major consequences of the impact into the ocean, influence of the tsunamis is expected to have been recorded in these deposits [e.g., 1 to(More)
As a result of a revision of the JIS system, the application of the hot wire method for determining thermal conductivity has been expanded from heat-insulating bricks to refractories with higher heat conductivity. In this regard, focusing on magnesia bricks, which are used in the safety lining of converters and a wide variety of other applications, the(More)
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