Taiichiro Okubayashi

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Text messaging is pervasive among the youth of many cultures, but the extent and nature of text-speak, the modified host language, is open to question. This study of English and Japanese undergraduates specifically investigated whether text-speak is a product of the technological constraints on the host language or is influenced by gender differences in(More)
This study verifies the validity of collaborative language learning between foreign language learners and native speakers in distance environment. In order to provide a high presence experience in remote video conferencing system, the environment used in our experiment is based on the Hyper Mirror (HM) video conferencing system in which students communicate(More)
This paper provides information about distance learning with a high-definition HyperMirror system utilizing the “KIZUNA” satellite and discusses applications of “KIZUNA” to education. HyperMirror is a special type of videoconferencing system. In HyperMirror, everyone appears in the same video image – in other words, everyone appears as if they are in the(More)
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