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Improvement of foaming property of egg white protein by phosphorylation through dry-heating in the presence of pyrophosphate.
Egg white protein (EWP) was phosphorylated by dry-heating in the presence of pyrophosphate at pH 4 and 85 degrees C for 1 d, and the foaming properties of phosphorylated EWP (PP-EWP) wereExpand
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Catalysis of Lithium Chloride and Alkali Metal Borohydrides on Hydrogen Generation of Ammonia and Lithium Hydride System
The catalytic properties of titanium (Ti), titanium hydride (TiH2), and ammonia (NH3) absorbing materials, which are lithium chloride (LiCl), lithium borohydride (LiBH4), and sodium borohydrideExpand
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Thermodynamics on Ammonia Absorption of Metal Halides and Borohydrides
Ammonia absorption properties of metal halides and borohydrides were systematically investigated by pressure–composition isothermal measurements. By systematical research, we clarified that theExpand
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Activation on Ammonia Absorbing Reaction for Magnesium Chloride
Hexa-ammine complex (Mg(NH3)6Cl2) is directly formed at room temperature by the reaction between magnesium chloride (MgCl2) and ammonia (NH3) without formation of mono- and diammine complexesExpand
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Adhesion Force Analysis of Dynamic Polymer Brushes.
Spontaneous surface segregation of amphiphilic diblock copolymers at the water interface from the elastomeric portion was utilized for fabrication of hydrophilic brushes, and named a "dynamic polymerExpand
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Ammine Complexes