Taiga Shibayama

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BACKGROUND Most studies of social support appear to assume that it is something that the external environment provides to an individual. However, longitudinal and genetic studies are beginning to question this assumption. The purpose of the present study is to differentiate quantitatively the intra-individual determinants of social support from its(More)
We examine whether one-to-one lifestyle counseling for non-insulin-treated diabetic outpatients by a Certified Expert Nurse (CEN) can improve patients' health outcomes. Participants were randomly assigned to a 1-year lifestyle intervention (n=67) or to a usual care group (n=67). Main outcome measures were changes from baseline in: HbA(1C) and score of(More)
Background. Offspring of type 2 diabetic patients are at a high risk of type 2 diabetes. Information on diabetes genetic susceptibility and prevention should be supplied to the offspring. Methods. A six-page booklet on diabetes genetic susceptibility and prevention was distributed to 173 patients who ere ordered to hand it to their offspring. The patients(More)
The present study aims to investigate which psychosocial factors measured before departure are predictive of various aspects of intercultural adjustment among Japanese teenagers enrolled in a foreign exchange student program. A cohort of 188 Japanese high school students, who had been selected to spend 1 year in various countries of the world under the(More)
The aim of this study was to construct a discriminant function to predict maladjustment in foreign cultures for 123 Japanese adolescents studying abroad in home stay for 1 year. The maladjustment was defined in terms of self-reported friendship availability, friendship satisfaction and emotional distress. Among the variables assessed before departure, three(More)
We sought to elucidate the causal effect of patients' self-appraisal of their dietary regimen on their control beliefs among adults with type 2 diabetes. Data from 176 outpatients were assessed using a two-wave cross-lagged panel model. We found that a cross-lagged path connecting dietary appraisal at baseline to perceived control at one year (β = .30, p =(More)
The purpose of this pilot study (N=26) was to investigate dietary intake and body composition and problems associated with dietary intake (such as unnecessary dietary restriction) in Japanese patients in remission from ulcerative colitis. Findings revealed the macronutrient intake and dietary fiber (absolute amount) were lower than the national average in(More)
AIM The public mandatory long-term care insurance system in Japan has supposedly mitigated the care burden for family caregivers of older adults, whereas family caregivers still play a considerable role in providing care. The effect of informal caregiving on the caregiver's health has been of great interest. We investigated the relationship between the(More)
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