Taiga Fukumori

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As a result of increasing signal transmission rates to as high band levels as several tens of Gbps, skew induced by the difference in dielectric constant between the glass-cloth and the resin is posing a huge problem. However, due to the extremely difficult comparison of this skew between actual measurements and simulations, few studies on such comparison(More)
Interconnects in the latest servers need a transmission capability of tens of gigabits per second (Gbps) for high-speed digital circuits. For the system board in servers, the impact of losses in through-hole vias on the performance is large in the region of tens of Gbps. In this paper, we discuss the capability of 100 Gbps electrical signal transmission in(More)
A novel S. typhimurium forward mutation assay which avoids plating density artifacts is described. The new method uses a pair of multiply drug-resistant substrains of TM677, a bacterial strain used in previous forward mutation studies. This technique permits the measurement of cell survival following mutagen treatment by plating the culture on specially(More)
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