Taichi Muraki

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This paper presents a kind of software design measures that help us to determine the application of Gang-Of-Four design patterns to refactoring processes. Refactoring using design patterns is one of the promising approaches to improve the designs during development activities, and a crucial issue is to identify when, where and which patterns could be(More)
Since research trends can change dynamically, researchers have to keep up with these new trends and undertake new research topics. Therefore, research communities for new research domains are important. In this paper, we propose a method to discover research communities. The key features of our method are a network model of papers and a word assignment(More)
As information technology progress, we are able to obtain much information about the advanced research of others. As a result, researchers and research managers need to track the current research trends amid the information flood. In order to support these efforts to gather knowledge of current research, we propose a research trend mining method. The method(More)
The research community plays a very important role in holding valuable scientific knowledge. The authors propose a community mining system which helps to find communities of researchers by using bibliography data. The key features of our method are a network model of papers and a word assignment technique for the communities obtained. We implemented the(More)
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