Taichi Kashiwaki

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Background Human brain is the biggest energy consuming tissue in human body. Although it only represents 2% of the body weight, it receives 20% of total body oxygen consumption and 25% of total body glucose utilization. For that reason, brain is considered to be the most vulnerable part of human body against the reactive oxygen species (ROS), a by-product(More)
The neuroprotective effects of electrolyzed reduced water and its model water containing molecular hydrogen and Pt nanoparticles Hanxu Yan1, Taichi Kashiwaki2, Takeki Hamasaki2, Tomoya Kinjo1, Kiichiro Teruya12,Shigeru Kabayama3 and Sanetaka Shirahata12  *Corresponding author: Sanetaka Shirahata sirahata@grt.kyushu-u.ac.jp Author Affiliations Graduate(More)
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