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Efficient generation of an oxidopyrylium ylide using a Pd catalyst and its [5+2] cycloadditions with several dipolarophiles.
An efficient method for the generation of an oxidopyrylium ylide from 6-acetoxy-6-acetoxymethyl-2H-pyran-3(6H)-one using a Pd catalyst and [5+2] cycloadditions of the resulting ylide are described.Expand
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Chemical transformation of PbO2 due to local cell reaction on the cathode of lead acid battery
Abstract We have previously reported that the degeneration of lead acid battery occurs by local cell reaction (LCR) between the cathode active material (β-PbO2) and the current collector (CC: leadExpand
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Relaxation Phase Analysis of Li-Ni-O Cathode for Secondary Lithium-Ion Battery
Introduction Recently, we have conducted the relaxation analysis for various electrode materials such as -Fe2O3[1], LiMn2O4[2], LiFePO4[3] and Li4/3Ti5/3O4[4] after termination of electrochemical LiExpand
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