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Taste perception depends not only on the chemical and physical properties of tastants, but may also depend on the physiological and psychological conditions of those who do the tasting. In this study, the effects of mood state on taste sensitivity was evaluated in humans who were exposed to conditions of mental or physical fatigue and tension. Taste(More)
Afternoon snacking contributes significantly to total energy intake. Strategies to enhance the satiety value of lunch and reduce afternoon snacking are of interest for body weight management. To assess whether between-meal gum chewing would enhance the satiety response to a fixed lunch meal; and assess the role of cholecystokinin (CCK) as a potential(More)
The spinnbarkeit of saliva reflects the ability of saliva to adhere to surfaces within the mouth, thereby serving as a protective role and aiding in lubrication. Therefore, alterations in the extensional rheology of saliva may result in the loss in adhesiveness or the ability to bind onto surfaces. Mucin glycoproteins and their structures are known to be(More)
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