Taichi Hatta

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BACKGROUND Although the safety and effectiveness of stem cell therapies are yet to be proven, recent studies show that such therapies are being advertised with some questionable marketing techniques to effect positive portrayal of the therapies on the webpages of private-practice clinics to sell their therapies worldwide. In such context, those clinics(More)
AIM To understand the steps and objectives for which Japanese people are willing to accept human-animal chimeric embryo research using human induced pluripotent stem cells. METHODS An internet-based survey was conducted for the general public and researchers in Japan in 2016. RESULTS Over 60% of the public and 83.8% of researchers supported the creation(More)
BACKGROUND Developments in chemotherapy have led to changes in cancer care in Japan, with the government promoting a transition to outpatient chemotherapy. This requires patients and their families to participate more actively in treatment than in the past. However, it remains unclear how patients' motivation for medical treatment affects clinical(More)
AIM To clarify the current state of clinics in Japan that offer unproven cell therapies. METHODS Google searches were performed to collect and analyze what kind of clinics provide what kind of cell therapies. RESULTS A total of 74 clinics and 247 cases of cell therapies were identified. Various cell therapies, including allograft, were provided not only(More)
BACKGROUND International clinical trials are now rapidly expanding into Asia. However, the proportion of global trials is higher in South Korea compared to Japan despite implementation of similar governmental support in both countries. The difference in clinical trial environment might influence the respective physicians' attitudes and experience towards(More)
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