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As to classification problem, this paper puts forward the combinatorial optimization least squares support vector machine algorithm (COLS-SVM). Based on algorithmic analysis of COLS-SVM and improves on it, the improved COLS-SVM can be used on individual credit evaluation. As to regression problem, appropriate kernel function and parameters were selected(More)
The tailing genome walking strategies are simple and efficient. However, they sometimes can be restricted due to the low stringency of homo-oligomeric primers. Here we modified their conventional tailing step by adding polythymidine and polyguanine to the target single-stranded DNA (ssDNA). The tailed ssDNA was then amplified exponentially with a specific(More)
The enzyme φC31 integrase from Streptomyces phage has been documented as functional in mammalian cells and, therefore, has the potential to be a powerful gene manipulation tool. However, the activity of this enzyme is cell-type dependent. The more active mutant forms of φC31 integrase are required. Therefore, a rapid and effective method should be developed(More)
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