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PURPOSE To identify factors associated with surgically induced astigmatism (SIA) following phacoemulsification. METHODS Six hundred five eyes underwent phacoemulsification with a 2.2-mm (the 2.2-mm group, n = 248) or 2.75-mm (the 2.75-mm group, n = 357) superior limbal incision. Preoperative axial length, anterior chamber depth, corneal curvature, and(More)
The fluorescein tear film break-up test is a common tear film stability test for dry eye diagnosis. This test requires applying fluorescein sodium drops to a tear film to observe the tear film break-up. However, this test is limited by using the fluorescein sodium drops, which can induce reflex tearing and reduce the reliability of the diagnosis results.(More)
TFT-LCD cell process the grinding process, which can smoothen out the even edges of the TFT-glass substrate. In this processing, edges of the TFT-glass substrate easily fracture, which may damage the circuit of terminals. By using AOI to inspect the terminal, this study designs a fuzzy operator to separate the defect based on the arc curve that the detect(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE To evaluate meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) by infrared thermography. METHODS An observational study was conducted at the Department of Ophthalmology, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Participants included 89 MGD patients (30 in Grade 1, 49 in Grade 2, and 10 in Grade 3) and 65 controls. The close-eye(More)
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