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This study proposed a method to detect the little flame in the early stage of fire combustion. The foreground object was extracted by motion detection and YCb Cr color clues. To avoid the noise of motion detection in different resolution videos, background edge model is used to eliminate noise instead of morphology. Next, with the help of fire(More)
This paper presents an application for counting the people who pass through the supervised area. Instead of traditional camera, this study used Kinect 2 to get the depth information of image. The processes of our approach includes preprocessing, candidate detection, tracking, identification and people counting. In the preprocessing stage, the foreground(More)
Hand gesture recognition is the key technology to realize the interaction between human and machine. This paper proposed an standard deviation approach for the hand gesture recognition to improve the sensitivity problem of the color space. The color space is sensitivity when the light is changing. The proposed approach can reduce a great impact of the color(More)
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