Tai Yi Yuan

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Low back pain is associated with intervertebral disc degeneration. One of the main signs of degeneration is the inability to maintain extracellular matrix integrity. Extracellular matrix synthesis is closely related to production of adenosine triphosphate (i.e. energy) of the cells. The intervertebral disc is composed of two major anatomical regions:(More)
This study was designed to investigate and compare the HPV prevalence, genotypes distribution and associated risk factors in rural and urban women living in Xishuang Banna district, in the province of Yunnan. A total of 177 and 190 women from rural and urban areas were engaged, respectively. HPV DNA was amplified using the L1 consensus primers system(More)
This paper investigates the vulnerability of astrocytes to oxidative injury as a function of age in culture in mice. Primary murine cortical astrocyte cultures of different ages were exposed to H2O2, combined oxygen-glucose deprivation or glucose deprivation. Astrocytes became more vulnerable to damage from each injury paradigm with age, showing transitions(More)
[1] Papers published in this special section report findings from the East Asian Study of Tropospheric Aerosols: An International Regional Experiment (EAST-AIRE). They are concerned with (1) the temporal and spatial distributions of aerosol loading and precursor gases, (2) aerosol single scattering albedo (SSA), (3) aerosol direct radiative effects, (4)(More)
OBJECTIVES After an injury, the biological reattachment of tendon to bone is a challenge because healing takes place between a soft (tendon) and a hard (bone) tissue. Even after healing, the transition zone in the enthesis is not completely regenerated, making it susceptible to re-injury. In this study, we aimed to regenerate Achilles tendon entheses (ATEs)(More)
Graphene is a typical two-dimensional material which has fascinating electrical, mechanical, and optical properties. In particular, graphene-based smart MEMS/NEMS devices can automatically respond to external electric stimulation and convert to mechanical movement. Actuator is one of the most potential applications of graphene-based MEMS. However, its(More)
Testing TBM (Test Blanket Modules) is one of important engineering test objectives in ITER project. China is performing the TBM design and R&D based on Chinese development strategy of fusion DEMO. Helium-cooled test blanket module concept with ceramic breeder for testing on ITER will be one of the basic options in China. The current progress and status on(More)
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