Tai-Wei Chiang

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Gene expression is largely regulated by DNA methylation, transcription factor (TF), and microRNA (miRNA) before, during, and after transcription, respectively. Although the evolutionary effects of TF/miRNA regulations have been widely studied, evolutionary analysis of simultaneously accounting for DNA methylation, TF, and miRNA regulations and whether(More)
Financial investors often face an urgent need to predict the future. Accurate forecasting may allow investors to be aware of changes in financial markets in the future, so that they can reduce the risk of investment. In this paper, we present an intelligent computing paradigm, called the Complex Neuro-Fuzzy System (CNFS), applied to the problem of financial(More)
A new complex fuzzy computing paradigm using complex fuzzy sets (CFSs) to the problem of time series forecasting is proposed in this study. Distinctive from traditional type-1 fuzzy set, the membership for elements belong to a CFS is characterized in the unit disc of the complex plane. Based on the property of complex-valued membership, CFSs can be used to(More)
—Time series forecasting is an important and widely popular topic in the research of system modeling. This paper describes how to use the hybrid PSO-RLSE neuro-fuzzy learning approach to the problem of time series forecasting. The PSO algorithm is used to update the premise parameters of the proposed prediction system, and the RLSE is used to update the(More)
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