Tai-Ming Parng

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This article presents an intelligent stock trading system that can generate timely stock trading suggestions according to the prediction of short-term trends of price movement using dual-module neural networks(dual net). Retrospective technical indicators extracted from raw price and volume time series data gathered from the market are used as independent(More)
In this paper we present a new approach to solving the false path problem. The method is based on our previous work on Timed Boolean Calculus. Given a logic circuit, we first derive timed boolean expressions to model its dynamic behavior. Then, for each term in the expressions, we compute its corresponding sensitizability function, expressed in conjunction(More)
We present currently the first approach to test wave pipelined circuits. Wave faults are identified and well modeled. The fault coverage is obtained by statistics and fault probabilities. We also present the robust wave test, and give a TG algorithm, by testing wave pipelined and ISCAS combinational circuits, capable of reaching on average 85.8% fault(More)