Tai-Lung Chen

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This paper presents the design of a speech recognition and compression chip for portable memopad devices, especially suitable for use by the visually impaired. The proposed chip design is based on several cores of which they can be regarded as intellectual property (IP) cores to be used for a variety of speech-related application systems. A cepstrum(More)
The rapid advances of network technologies shed light on many aspects of the practicability of large scale ubiquitous computing. Grid technology has been recognized as an efficient solution to coordinate large-scale shared resources and execute complex applications in heterogeneous network environments. The problem of resource management and task allocation(More)
Efficient scheduling algorithms are essential to irregular data redistribution in cluster grid. Cluster grid is an environment with heterogeneous computing nodes and complex network. It is important for schedulers to keep an eye on load balance and low communication cost while distributing different size of data segment on various processors. High(More)