Tai-Hyo Kim

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Timing analysis 1 , 2 is an essential process for development of real-time embedded system and knowledge about the worst-case execution time (WCET) of real-time programs is critical to validation of temporal correctness of implemented system. Recently, automated static timing analysis methods are introduced to facilitate timing analysis process for(More)
Conventional software reliability assessment validates a system's reliability only at the end of development, resulting in costly defect correction. A proposed framework employs statistical model checking (SMC) to validate reliability at an early stage. SMC computes the probability that a target system will satisfy functional-safety requirements. The(More)
As more computing systems are utilized in various areas of our society, the reliability of computing systems becomes a significant issue. However, as the complexity of computing systems increases, conventional verification and validation techniques such as testing and model checking have limitations to assess reliability of complex safety critical systems.(More)
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