Tai-Ching Tuan

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A class of uni-directional Cayley graphs based on alternating groups is proposed in this paper. It is shown that this class of graphs is strongly connected and recursively scalable. The analysis of the shortest distance between any pair of nodes in a graph of this class is also given. Based on the analysis, we develop a polynomial time routing algorithm(More)
Sparse Matrix-Vector multiplication (SpMV) is a fundamental kernel, used by a large class of numerical algorithms. Emerging big-data and machine learning applications are propelling a renewed interest in SpMV algorithms that can tackle massive amount of unstructured data---rapidly approaching the TeraByte range---with predictable, high performance. In this(More)
Emerging data-intensive applications attempt to process and provide insight into vast amounts of online data. A new class of linear algebra algorithms can efficiently execute sparse matrix-matrix and matrix-vector multiplications on large-scale, shared memory multiprocessor systems, enabling analysts to more easily discern meaningful data relationships,(More)